Dandelion (Short Film) – Writer, Director, Editor

Pleasure and challenge of shooting with 35mm film

It was such an honor when my cinematographer friend asked me to write and direct a short that he was going to shoot on 35mm film. The challenge was that I had to write on the way to Central California from Los Angeles and was given no money to produce. Everything happened very quickly and cheaply, which I’d say has become my specialty. Working with an old Mitchell Camera was a real pleasure for a fan of cinema, while at the same time, it gave us different challenges that current digital filmmaking does not. In spite of the slow and often difficult productions, I believe this period piece would not have carried the warmth and its rusty feel if it had not been shot on film.

Cast   Sophia Elise Brister, Austin Mensch, Louis C. Oberlander, Larry Sommerville
Cinematographer   Michael Johnson
Music   Hiroyuki Morikawa (Organic Stereo)