Baby Steps (Short Film) – Writer, Director, Producer

“Baby Steps” tells a transformative journey of a man who seeks forgiveness from his estranged wife for selfishly abandoning her and their baby son.

Usually in a short film, you have one interesting idea that hooks the audience in the beginning and one simple resolution at the end. An unconventional challenge I gave myself with this 13 minutes short was to explore some important themes of human conditions such as love, grief, resentment, forgiveness, and dignity. As a filmmaker, I strive to be an economic story teller, not just in the use of time and money, but the effectiveness and efficiency of every shot and dialogue. I’d like to believe that this film portrays some truths of man and woman.

Cast   Abigail Classey, Barbara J. Spence, Matt Walton, Guthrie Giese
Cinematographer   John McCabe
Editor   Stephanie West
Music   Hiroyuki Morikawa
Sound Edit   Elizabeth McClanahan